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Woahhh my wild love, you’re real beauty


Jim Morrison.


♫ Come on baby, light my fire ♫

Jim Morrison performing on “The Jonathan Winters Show”, 1967. [x]


My wild love



The Doors performed two shows at Hunter College in New York on November 24, 1967. Alfred Aronowitz’s review of the shows in the New York Times included this: “On his face, there was the look of suffering of someone who knows he is too beautiful to ever enjoy true love. Jim Morrison is a pop star with a vision. The vision is packaged in sex.” #thedoors #doors #jimmorrison #huntercollege #newyork #classicrock #1967 (at Hunter College)

Ohh wow


The Doors at Bakersfield Civic Auditorium, California, July 8 1968

I love every Jim’s expression