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Bob Dylan, 1970.

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Daily Dylan Pic 2018 – 164

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Daily Dylan Pic 2018 – 162

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“Whatever Wilbury Wilbury,” a 1988 Traveling Wilburys promotional video, created for Warner Bros., features some amusing moments and credits, as can be seen in these screen captures….

The end credits:

Noah Rameen Production of a Wilbury Industries B.V. Release for the Wilbury Entertainment Corporation of America and bits of Europe Inc.

Directed by Cecil Bidet Wilbury

Camera: Norris Fault

Sound: Lenny W. Wilbury

Editor: Chopper Wilbury

Lighting: Edison Wilbury

Wardrobe: Evelyn Wilbury

Special Effects: Clyde B. Wilbury

Accountant: Norrie Nuff

Catering: Big Mac Wilbury

Make Up: Zsa Zsa Wilbury

Lucky Wilbury’s wardrobe furnished by J. C. Penney

Production Manager: Tell M. Wilbury

Someday, Everybody Gonna be a Wilbury

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On This Day in Music:1964, During an evening session Bob Dylan recorded Mr. Tambourine Man at Columbia Recording Studios in New York City.

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Bob Dylan and Joan Baez harmonize during the historic Rolling Thunder Revue.

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Joan Baez and Bob Dylan both performing at Carnegie Hall at the dawn of their careers.

(Left) Joan Baez at Carnegie Hall, October 1960.
(Right) Bob Dylan at Carnegie Hall, September 1962.

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Bob Dylan with Sally Grossman, 1964, Woodstock, NY.

➣ People are posting this as Bob and Joan Baez, she does look like Joan but it’s Bob’s manager’s (Albert Grossman) wife, Sally. She was on the cover of “Bringing It All back Home,” and she’s the one who introduced Bob to Sara Lownds, the future Sara Dylan.

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Bob Dylan – The Beaten Path – 

Motel In New Mexico



Everything is computerized now, it’s all computers. I see that as the beginning of the end. You can see everything going global. There’s no nationality anymore, no I’m this or I’m that: “We’re all the same, all workin’ for one peaceful world, blah, blah, blah.” 

– Bob Dylan, 1984