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Q: And you played at the Palomino Club in Los Angeles last February with Bob Dylan.

George: I’ll tell you what happened there. I’d gone to America and Bob rang me and said, you know, did I want to come out for an evening and see Taj Mahal who was playing at The Palomino? So we went there and had a few of these Mexican beers, and had a few more. And Jesse Ed Davis, who played guitar on Watching The River Flow, is in the audience, and Bob says, Hey, why don’t we all get up and play – we’ve had a few beers right, – and you can sing! So we get up there and I’m in the spotlight and Bob’s hanging back in the shadows and I start singing: What’s the matter with me? I don’t have much to say…and every time I get near the microphone, Dylan comes running up and just starts singing this rubbish in my ear, trying to throw me. But it was really funny because when I got pushed on stage at Wembley and sang a bit of Rainy Day Women I couldn’t remember the words and just made up this stuff. And Bob came up to me afterwards, backstage, and said, So you got even with me!

But it was nice to recapture the feeling of what it was like on stage to make sure I could go back into that situation in the future.

Mark Ellen interview with George Harrison for Q magazine (1987)