thateventuality: “Whatever Wilbury Wilbury,” …


“Whatever Wilbury Wilbury,” a 1988 Traveling Wilburys promotional video, created for Warner Bros., features some amusing moments and credits, as can be seen in these screen captures….

The end credits:

Noah Rameen Production of a Wilbury Industries B.V. Release for the Wilbury Entertainment Corporation of America and bits of Europe Inc.

Directed by Cecil Bidet Wilbury

Camera: Norris Fault

Sound: Lenny W. Wilbury

Editor: Chopper Wilbury

Lighting: Edison Wilbury

Wardrobe: Evelyn Wilbury

Special Effects: Clyde B. Wilbury

Accountant: Norrie Nuff

Catering: Big Mac Wilbury

Make Up: Zsa Zsa Wilbury

Lucky Wilbury’s wardrobe furnished by J. C. Penney

Production Manager: Tell M. Wilbury

Someday, Everybody Gonna be a Wilbury