fangirling starter pack:



1. listening one song by the band

2. searching for more songs 

3. searching all band’s albums

4. starting to like every song

5. starting learning all biography about all band members

6. watching their live performances 

7. falling  in love with band member even if they’re old enough to be your dad or grandfather

8. falling in love with their hair?


crying cause you weren’t at their concert 20/30/40 years ago

10. buying everything that has connection with band (shirts, badges, vinyls…)

11. crying cause you want to be at their concert

12. annoying friends talking about their biography

13. trying to get your friends into the band

14. watching documentary more than  5 times

15. uploading their photos on social media

16. having every concert and interview video on your laptop (and photos ofc)

17. having emotional connection and memory with every song

18. protecting band faster than yourself

19. looking for someone to share fangirling

20. realizing that you’ll probably never see them live but keep hoping *in tears*

litteraly me. Especially the hair part.